Help keep a mother and her children safe and free from fear this Christmas.

Over the last Christmas holiday period, safe steps received 15,650 calls to our emergency family violence response line – a 54 per cent increase on the previous year. We also provided 631 women and children with emergency accommodation.

This Christmas, we expect these numbers to rise even further.

People often ask why Christmas is so busy for safe steps. After all, Christmas is meant to be a time of fun and happiness.

The dreadful truth is that, for far too many women and children, Christmas is a time that is far from happy. It’s a time when violence, which already exists in some relationships, can be exacerbated by money troubles and stress.

Many women and children spend Christmas living in fear. For them, it’s a time spent walking on eggshells, terrified they will be on the receiving end of anger and abuse from the very person who should love and care for them the most.

These women and children urgently need your help this Christmas.

We need you to join with us to ensure that women and children at risk receive all of the essential, life-changing services and supports they need to stay safe over the holiday season and beyond.

  • $55 to help provide a crisis care package for a mum and kids spending Christmas in temporary emergency accommodation
  • $35 to help provide resources and information for women living with violence
  • $75 to help provide essential specialist support for a woman planning to leave a violent relationship
  • $125 to help provide emergency accommodation for a woman and her children over the Christmas period
  • $350 to help cover relocation costs for a mother and children moving due to family violence

Whatever gift you choose to make today – no matter the size – you will be helping to bring happiness, safety and support to a family escaping family violence. It’s a gift that will be remembered long after the festive season is over.

Please make a donation now.