Need some motivation to climb that mountain, walk those 10,000 steps, give up chocolate or go without social media for a month?

Setting yourself a personal challenge is a great way to grow whilst giving the gift of safety to women and children.

Now is the time to reach your goals, give something up or try something different while helping women and children live free from family violence.

Need some ideas to get started?

  • Give up for good – Pledge to quit chocolate, alcohol, coffee, social media…whatever vice you choose for a month (or any other set period of time). Encourage your skeptical loved ones to keep you motivated by sponsoring you for your efforts.
  • Step up and up your steps – Set a challenge to walk 10,000… 15,000… 20,000 steps a day. Improve your fitness and ask your friends and family to help soothe the pain by sponsoring you for every step you take.
  • Be bold, go bald!  Shave your head and eliminate your hair to help eliminate family violence. Each centimetre chopped off will help a woman and child in need.

Start fundraising!

Once you’ve decided on your StepUp Personal Challenge, set up your online fundraising page and you’re ready to start raising funds and prepping for your challenge!

If you’d like to talk to someone about your fundraiser, get in touch with our Fundraising team! We’re here to help: fundraising@safesteps.org.au | (03) 9928 9660.