Fundraising for safe steps is easy. Just follow these simple steps!

Step 1: Decide on your fundraiser

The first thing you need to do is decide what type of fundraising activity you would like to do – maybe you what to have a bake sale, cycle 100kms or hold a community raffle. If you’re not sure, click here for some inspiration. It’s a good idea to consider who will be involved in the fundraiser, how you will promote it, what costs could be involved and how much you hope to raise. Our best advice: keep it manageable.

Step 2: Tell us about it

Before you proceed with any fundraising for safe steps, you need to tell us you intend to hold a fundraiser. Please complete a Fundraising Registration Form and email it to fundraising@safesteps.org.au or call our Fundraising team directly on (03) 9928 9624.

Step 3: Decide how you’ll collect fundraising money

There are lots of ways to collect money from family, friends and other community members who would like to donate to your fundraiser.

Online – fundraising websites like Everyday Hero and Go Fundraise do all the hard work for you. You just need to set up your own page and share it with your friends and family. When someone makes a donation to your fundraiser through your page, they automatically receive a tax-deductable receipt, you can see a running tally of your efforts, and all money donations go directly into safe steps’ account. So third party sites are good if you don’t want the hassle of handling money directly. This option is great for walk/running events and personal challenges.

Donation tins – if you are holding an event as part of your fundraiser, it might be good to have some donation tins there for people to leave notes and change in. Contact us at fundraising@safesteps.org.au or call (03) 9928 9624 and we can send you some tins.

Ticket sales – if you are selling tickets to an event and 100% of the proceeds are being donated to safe steps, you may want to set up a ticketing page on Try Booking. Tickets and receipts are automatically sent to your guests upon purchase and, if you include safe steps’ bank account details (please contact fundraising@safesteps.org.au for details), the money raised will be donated straight into our bank account.

Donating directly – if you are simply collecting money directly from people, you are welcome to then donated the funds directly into the safe steps bank account (please contact fundraising@safesteps.org.au for details) or online via our Donate page. Just make sure you email us to let us know you have made the donation. If some of your donors need receipts for tax purposes, you can record that in a Fundraiser Donor Receipt Form. After you have donate all funds raised, submit the form to us and we will mail a receipt to each donor.

If you’re not sure what money collection method will work best for you, please feel free to contact the safe steps Fundraising team on (03) 9928 9624 or fundraising@safesteps.org.au for advice and assistance.

Step 4: Start fundraising!

Tell your friends! Spread the word far and wide! A great way to get started is by letting your friends and family know about your fundraiser on Facebook and other social media channels. If your fundraiser is an event, you might want to create an event page on Facebook and invite your friends to join.

Some top tips for fundraising on social media:

  • Make it personable – let your friends and family know why you’re choosing to fundraise for safe steps.
  • Make it easy for them to donate – be sure to tell people how and where they can donate to your fundraiser.
  • Use images – take fun photos to promote your efforts.
  • Say thanks – tell everyone who donates that you really appreciate it with a post or comment.
  • Have fun – enjoy yourself and have a great time, it is called fun-draising, after all!