Looking for a speaker? Experienced safe steps staff members are able to provide presentations and workshops to workplaces, community groups and schools (subject to staff availability).

Our speakers provide engaging, informative and evidence-based education activities suitable for any audience, including schools and other educational institutions, community groups, public bodies and corporate organisations.

Types of Presentations: 

The Role of safe steps in the Family Violence Sector- 30 mins


  • Schools: free
  • Corporations: free
  • Government Departments: free

Survivor Advocate Program

In some instances, and where appropriate, we may be able to provide a speaker with personal experience of family violence to talk about her journey through our Survivor Advocate Program. To book a speaker from our Survivor Advocate Program, please complete the form here.

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Please note, safe steps also offers support to workplaces on responding to family violence in the workforce.

24/7 family violence response phone line 1800 015 188