24/7 family violence
response phone line
1800 015 188

If you are at risk and need to leave your home environment, safe steps can arrange immediate safe accommodation for you and your children.

safe steps has a range of accommodation options available dependent on your circumstances.


Motel stays are an option if you need to leave home immediately. Women and their children who contact safe steps seeking access to emergency safe accommodation usually stay in a motel for a short time until another longer-term accommodation option becomes available.

safe steps Safe House

Where ever possible, safe steps staff always endeavour to allow for the needs of women and children when placing them in emergency accommodation. If you are at high risk of being harmed, or you or your children have complex needs, you may be accommodated within the safe steps Safe House. Safe House accommodation is typically short-term. The Safe House is staffed by safe steps support workers who specialise in assisting women and children with complex or particular needs. During your stay, a safe steps support worker will work closely with you and your children to ensure you are adequately supported and help you make plans for a safe and secure future.


Refuge is a longer-term accommodation option that gives women time and space to make decisions about their futures, including securing private rental accommodation, enrolling children in new schools and negotiating work leave arrangements. safe steps can try to find you a refuge that has vacancy and meets your needs.

To talk to a specialist family violence support worker about accommodation options, call safe steps now on 1800 015 188.

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