safe steps is a child-focused service. We recognise that children and young people have a unique experience of family violence, and are committed to ensuring all children within our service receive specific, age-appropriate supports and resources that meet their emotional and developmental needs and allow them to overcome experiences of abuse.

We can help support children and their mothers by providing:

  • Child-specific safety planning to help parents and schools ensure child are adequately protected from perpetrators at all times
  • Specialist support for children with specific needs through the safe steps Safe House
  • Information for parents on how to best help children understand and overcome experiences of abuse, including developing coping strategies and addressing behavioural issues
  • Referral to child counsellors, therapists and outreach services
  • Clothing, basic necessities and school supplies for children who do not have any as a result of fleeing family violence
  • Toys, learning materials and comforts to help young children feel settled and comfortable in emergency accommodation
  • A range of other supports