Remember & honour those who have been killed by domestic and family violence.

This Domestic Violence Remembrance Day on 1 May 2024, come together with Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre and communities throughout Australia to light a candle and honour the memory of those lost as a result of domestic or family violence. Domestic and family violence affects people from all walks of life and includes many forms of abuse and violence that are not always physical. The Safe Steps Candlelight Vigil is a call to action to speak up, lift the veil of silence that surrounds domestic and family violence, and reach out for support if experiencing, and/or perpetrating violence.

Register to attend the Safe Steps Candlelight Vigil held at the Family Violence Memorial Gardens in Melbourne.

Purchase a ribbon to remember and honour those whose lives have been taken as a result of family or domestic violence.

  • Enamel Ribbon x1 – $10 (incl postage)
  • Ribbon x1 – $3 (incl postage)

Light a virtual candle, leave a message of support and donate.

Other ways you can show your support

Join us by holding a local event in your area.

Share a photo or video on socials showing your support. Include #LightACandle2024, #Vigil2024, #WeRememberYou, #NeverForgotten.

Light up your landmark or building in purple to show your support.

Candlelight Vigil 2023 Highlights