By setting up a regular donation through your employer’s payroll system, you will be helping women and children escape family violence and abuse every day of the year.

Workplace giving is where employees give regular donations safe steps Family Violence Response Centre from their pre-tax pay. It’s a simple and effective way to support the prevention and elimination of family violence in Victoria.


Workplace Giving encourages staff engagement and allows employees to support causes they’re passionate about while reducing their taxable income. To double their impact, many organisations and businesses choose to match their employee’s contributions!

Setting up a Workplace Giving program is simple and straight forward to set up and can be incorporated with normal payroll procedures. You can find out more about the process from the Australian Taxation Office or use a specialist organisation such as Good2Give or Good Company.


Choose the amount of you would like to donate to safe steps from your pre-tax salary each month.  As the donation is deducted from your pre-tax earnings, it will reduce your taxable income and eliminate the need for you to keep and collect receipts. Your total donation amount will be included in your PAYG payment summary.

To get started, speak to your payroll staff about the options. If your employer does not have a Workplace Giving program, you can encourage them to start one or you can make tax deductible monthly donations directly to safe steps by setting up regular donations here.

Become a safe steps workplace giving partner today! 

Small changes make a big difference. Together, we can all be play a part in the elimination of family violence. To become a safe steps workplace giving partner, please contact our fundraising team at