safe steps has a long and proud history of advocating for social change and policy reform. As with all of safe steps’ work, our policy and advocacy efforts are centred on three pillars:

  • Respond
  • Recover
  • Prevent

We are firmly grounded in a feminist framework, and recognise that family violence is inherently gendered, perpetrated in the vast majority of instances by men, against women. We also recognise the intersectional ways in which power, control and privilege can play out in marginalised communities to result in increased levels of violence. We advocate for the prevention and elimination of family violence in the following ways:

Policy Submissions

Our policy submissions are informed by the lived experiences of women and children impacted by family violence, and seek to ensure survivors are at the heart of all relevant policy reforms, systemic changes and sector approaches. Read our policy submissions here.

Our Work with Children

Through our direct services, safe steps assists children who have been impacted by abuse in the home in specific, age-appropriate ways. Through our education initiatives, we aim to ensure all children and young people understand what healthy, respectful relationships look like. We believe assisting and educating children is key to breaking inter generational cycles of gender inequality and abuse and eliminating family violence for future generations. Find out more here.

Community Partnerships

Ending family violence requires a whole of community approach. safe steps is proud to work collaboratively with any community organisation or governing body that shares our goal of eradicating family violence. See our community partners here.

Survivor Advocate Program

The safe steps Survivor Advocate Program is an ongoing initiative designed to empower women who have a lived experience of family violence to safely and effectively share their personal stories and raise awareness of family violence with a range of community and media audiences. Find out more here.

Royal Commission into Family Violence

safe steps was actively involved with the Commission from an early stage, proactively sharing our unique state-wide data and survivor-driven insights through submissions, testimonies and a historic Parliamentary address by former safe steps CEO Annette Gillespie. See our submission here.

24/7 family violence response phone line 1800 015 188