What is the Safe Steps Survivor Advocate Program?

Safe Steps believes that responses to gender-based violence will be most effective and safe when informed and developed in partnership with victim survivors from diverse communities and client groups.

The Survivor Advocate Program is an initiative designed to empower women who have a lived experience of family violence to participate in opportunities to raise awareness of family, domestic and gender-based violence, influence policy development, service planning and practice.

Previously, Safe Steps Survivor Advocates have been invited to appear before parliamentary inquiries, speak at public events and give interviews to print and broadcast news publications. They have also been able to speak and draw on stories of their personal journeys at seminars, workplaces, and community events.

Survivor Advocates are from diverse backgrounds and have varied experiences of family violence – through our Survivor Advocates, Safe Steps seeks to demonstrate that family violence is different for everyone and can happen to anyone.

We are currently in the process of refining the Program and its structure and we continue to work with the current Advocates within the group. If you want to keep up to date on the progress or reach out to the advocates, please email advocacy@safesteps.org.au.

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