A sanctuary for people escaping family violence

21 September 2023

Today was the official opening of a new refuge trial site for people seeking protection and
safety from family and domestic violence.

The low-key, invitation-only event at an undisclosed location was officially opened by Minister
for Prevention of Family Violence, The Hon. Ros Spence.

Safe Steps CEO, Dr Chelsea Tobin said, “Sanctuary is a place for all people escaping family
violence, and a safe place where everyone is welcome.

“Importantly we want to offer recovery and healing post crisis response so here at Sanctuary
we are stepping into that space with creating a therapeutic and community environment –
and will be running many day programs such as art therapy, maternal and child health care,
adolescent health, Family Education, Wellbeing Sessions, Nutrition, Asthma and Anaphylaxis
Planning,” she said.

The organisation that took more than 64,000 crisis calls last year, is in the business of finding
a safe haven for people escaping family and domestic violence when they are facing very real
risks to their lives.

“Our frontline teams at Safe Steps are answering the calls from people when they are at their
most vulnerable, they are making assessments of risk and considering how to best get
women and children to safety quickly.

“Having places like Sanctuary are critical to offering a refuge to women, children and
members of the LGBTIQ+ community with the opportunity to stop take a breath and be
safe,” said Dr Tobin.

Safety. Support. Respect.

 Media enquiries: Annette Ripper | Annette.r@safesteps.org.au | 0400 772 722