Safe Steps CEO receives Prestigious Churchill Fellowship

Safe Steps CEO, Dr Chelsea Tobin has been awarded one of the prestigious Churchill Fellowships for research to investigate family violence crisis response for children as victim survivors in their own right.

“The effects on children of witnessing or experiencing domestic violence can be life-long, whether they are direct or indirect victims.

“State and federal governments in Australia have joined leading researchers and family violence organisations in acknowledgment of the need to better respond to children as victim survivors in their own right.

“Children coming into crisis care may need help reforming attachments with their primary carer, maintaining vital education connections, managing complex emotions about the abuse and the perpetrator, as well as medical, mental health, and substance abuse services. This project will look at what has worked in these areas overseas and how Australia could leverage these learnings,” she said.

Dr Tobin believes all victim survivors of domestic and family violence deserve best practice services and support. She is passionate about providing the highest possible standard of care, particularly to marginalised people and is dedicated to ensuring that all children and young people are heard and understood as victim survivors in their own right.

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